ESFR (or Early Suppression Fast Response) suppression systems provide exceptional protection with a quickly responding, high volume, high-pressure sprinkler system and automatic fire detection system. Instead of merely controlling a fire until the original fuel source is depleted, ESFR systems are designed to completely extinguish the fire by discharging a large water flow directly to the fire to reduce the heat release rate. These systems are installed within ceiling spaces and use large volume, high velocity sprinkler heads to enhance the protection of the entire facility.

ESFR systems differ from conventional systems in three ways:

  • Speed - ESFR sprinkler heads sense a fire and begin spraying water in half the time of conventional heads.
  • Volume - Conventional sprinkler heads output rate - 25 to 30 gallons per minute. High output conventional sprinkler heads output rate - 60 gallons per minute. ESFR sprinkler heads output rate - 100 gallons per minute.
  • Droplet size - ESFR sprinkler heads release larger droplets of water with greater momentum than conventional heads.

ESFR fire suppression systems are generally used for warehouses with storage less than 35 feet in height and a ceiling height averaging 40 feet or less. The installation and material costs of these systems are more economical than the costs of creating and installing an in-rack fire suppression system, often 30% to 50% less. Before making a decision about using an ESFR fire suppression system, the owner must consider the types of products being stored, the flexibility of the system, the reduction in fire losses, and the cost differentials of installing and maintaining the system.

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"As Manager of Construction of A&L Properties, we have utilized the services of Viking Automatic Company Sprinkler for 99% of all of our new installations, and we use Viking Sprinkler for all of our annual preventative maintenance and testing. Our relationship with Viking Sprinkler goes back well over 15 years, and we have always been extremely satisfied with all of the projects that Viking has been involved with. I would highly recommend Viking Sprinkler for any of your upcoming projects whether it is new construction or retrofitting of an existing building."
- Rich Noble, Manager of Construction, A&L Properties

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