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State of the art
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Core Values (P.I.P.E.)


Customer Driven
We are committed to understanding our Customer's needs and exceeding their expectations.
We are dedicated to providing a work environment that promotes teamwork, supports personal growth, encourages creativity and recognizes individual contributions.
Business Community
We develop and maintain key relationships with Industry Associates and Officials to achieve common goals within the Life Safety and Construction Industry.


We maintain high personal and professional ethical standards. Our Company's ethics are a sum of its parts.
Respect must be earned and can only be earned through results. Achieve the results and we gain the respect.
We take responsibility for decisions and actions both as Individuals and a Company.


We are serious about safety. No person will be put at risk to achieve our goals.
Our employees reflect an image that others will acknowledge and aspire to be part of.
We communicate effectively, clearly and often; not so others will know what we mean, but so others cannot possibly misunderstand what we mean.


We continue to evaluate and challenge. "Think outside the Box"
Passion and Pride
Our work is important to our Community, Customers, Associates, and Families. We take pride in our passion to be the best.
Forward Thinking
Be proactive. Our experience and knowledge gives us the ability to anticipate, recognize, and act to ensure a successful result.
We measure success by the results we produce and the opportunities We provide for our People.